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Waimea Blue Art Gallery & Ocean Boutique in North Shore

Waimea Blue, A Hawaii Art Gallery And Ocean Boutique, Captures Stunning Colorful Photographs From Under The Sea, Bringing Ocean Into Your Life. Now opens the heart of Haleiwa North Shore Oahu Hawaii.

Haleiwa, HI – Waimea Blue, a local art gallery, ocean boutique, and art brand based in Haleiwa, Hawaii, began in March 2019. In the months since, the Waimea Blue brand and its photographer, Akima, have been sharing magnificent underwater photographs of our oceans and marine life with customers around the world. The Waimea Blue ocean boutique offers a variety of products to consumers around the world, including ocean-themed tote bags, clutches, luggage tags, t-shirts, and more. These goods by Akima allow consumers to get their own taste of the ocean, and to appreciate it from afar, wherever they reside in the world. With some made of vegan materials, each product is crafted of the highest quality materials. Free shipping is available on orders of $150 or more. Offering extraordinary and captivating photographs of ocean and marine life, these one of a kind prints are available for retail to global customers. Never before has it been easier for people to share in a captured moment from under the sea than with the Waimea Blue brand.

We also carry 12 different local artists arts too. If you are looking for something special from Hawaii Waimea Blue is one of the art gallery you must stop by in Haleiwa North Shore. These breathtaking photographs, full of color and vibrancy, add flavor and thought to an otherwise gray world and allow marine life to enter homes, offices, and art galleries in ways it never has before. Few items are made with each of Akima’s photographs, allowing you to have a piece that is unique to your neighborhood and unlike anything else. This gives you a special taste of the ocean. The prints are available on the Waimea Blue brand website, Waimea Blue products are all originals as captured by Akima herself. Featuring color and life lurking off the shores of Hawaii, and from her travels around the world, they bring attention to the importance of the ocean and marine life preservation. The Waimea Blue brand is committed to protecting our oceans through art and the conversation its pieces ignite. By showcasing what lurks beneath our seas, the Waimea Blue brand and Akima are reminding customers of the global ecosystem that requires desperate protection in the industrial age. A photographer and conservationist, Akima is proud to support this global effort to protect our oceans and marine life through the stunning underwater prints she sells worldwide. “I like seeing the moment, the ocean, nature, culture, and wildlife through the lens of my camera more than the naked eye,” remarked Akima on her photographic work. “Because, when I see the object through the lens, there is already my own art. No one could find it but me. Here, I proudly bring the ocean into your life. I believe a photograph can make one’s world. They can speak, report and have the power to change people's minds. That is why I am looking for the moment and color that inspires people’s heart to save the Earth. The ocean is not always blue or clear, but there is always life in the water having a day like us." Prints are available for purchase at A variety of print types are available, including metal and high-quality canvas prints. Never before has it been so easy to share in a moment from under the sea. Purchase your own captivating photograph today. To learn more, please visit About section of front pagethe . About Photographer Akima Akima, born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, continues to pursue her passion for photography. She opened Waimea Blue in Haleiwa North Shore Hawaii in March 2019. Since receiving her first underwater camera in 1999, Akima has been fascinated with documenting the underwater world. Her adventures have taken her to Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines, and to the North and South Pacific Islands of Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa, and Niue. In her spare time, Akima runs a Hawaii-based tourism company. Looking for something fun to do for yourself or your family while in Oahu? Check out Akima's tour company, Hawaii Real Nature Tours, for snorkeling and private Hawaii island tours in Oahu here. Media Contact Company Name: Waimea Blue N21° Shore Hawaii Contact Person: Akima Kai Phone: 808-498-2218 Address: 66-250 Kamehameha Hwy D103 Haleiwa Hawaii 96712 Country: United States Website:

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