Hawaiian koa wood Hawaiian fishhook pendant.

Perfect gift for who are divers or surfers and who loves the Ocean.


The ancient Hawaiians used hardwood to make fish hooks. 'Koa La'au' means "Koa Wood" in Hawaiian.

Koa is a rare, tropical hardwood generally found at elevations of 2,000 plus feet on the upper slopes of the islands of Hawaii (The Big Island) and Maui. It reaches heights of 100 feet or more with trunk area diameters as large as five feet.
Today a protected species in Hawaii, this one of a kind, native wood is prized for it's beautiful array of color and lustrous grain. Each pendant, front and back, is hand-carved, rounded, detailed, and polished.

The fishhook
A symbol is said to represent prosperity and safe travel over water. The Hawaiian fish hook necklace is commonly known as Makau. As its design suggests, symbolizes a connection between the wearer and the ocean. Energy, strength, prosperity, abundance, and good luck.
Since the ancient Polynesian livelihood was very much dependent on the ocean waters, so the fish hook necklace signifies deep respect and love towards the oceans. It's a clever design because it incorporates both the fish and fish hook motif into one design. Traditionally Polynesians were very reliant on the bounty they caught from the sea to survive. It constituted a large amount of their daily food needs and with it Maori flourished as a people. Maori had a very strong connection to Tangaroa (Kanaloa in Hawaiian), the god of the sea and attributed this abundance to him.

Koa Fish Hook Pendant Charm

  • All Pendants are made by Hawaiian koa wood and comes on 1-size fits all adjustable waterproof beige cotton hand woven cord. The hook is attached to the cord using traditional Hawaiian lashing.

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