Waimea Blue Gallery

Art Gallery in Haleiwa North Shore Hawaii

E Komo Mai, Welcome to Waimea Blue Ocean Boutique and Gallery

Located in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and home to 12 different local artists

Photography by Akima Kai


Phone: +1 (808)498-2218


Art Reain Workshops

from $100

Let's start learning about epoxy resin to make your own art!

Step-by-step instruction to work with Epoxy resin.

Small class (maximum 6 people)

Teaching by a real artist

Includes all equipment you need

The workshop will be hosted in Waimea Blue Gallery

North Shore Oahu.

66-250 Kamehameha Hwy D103 Haleiwa HI

Featured Items

Some of our favorite items here at Waimea Blue

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Organic sunscreen. Handmade on the North Shore of Oahu and sold exclusively by Waimea Blue. Created by and for our underwater photographer Akima Kai.



Family, couple, friends or solo. Let me capture your special moment in Hawaii.

Beach, nature or hotel room? Anywhere in Hawaii I can make the best memorial moment.

Photography by Akima Kai




Waimea means sacred water. North Shore’s Waimea Bay is well known for its big surging winter waves and its iconic cliff jumping rock in the summer. The ocean comes in so many shades of blue but the color of the water here is different. For only a few times a day in the summer, Waimea Bays’ water turns super clear blue. This is where I always take my dogs, Waimea and Maui. When the water in the bay turns that special shade of clear blue, I call it “Waimea Blue”.

What is "N21° Shore"? It can be read as North Shore. Oahu’s North Shore is located at a latitude of 21 degrees North.

Hawai’i, while officially known as Hawaii, to the native Hawaiians it is known and pronounced with an okina (‘) between the I’s.


About our Owner and Ocean photographer Akima Kai

Akima Kai has been passionate about sharing her love of the ocean and mother nature thru her photography for over 20 years. She is an ocean photographer, mermaid model, freediver and tour guide. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, she got her first underwater camera in 1999. Fascinated with the underwater world and marine life she found her passion to be in the saltwater. She has lived in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Philippines. After 12 years of traveling the North and South Pacific Islands of Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa, Niue, she has finally found a place to call home here in beautiful Hawaii nei. While living in Hawaii she began free diving and discovered it is the best way to photograph marine life.

She wants you to feel the raw and wild power of the Earth. She hopes her work will help you connect with nature and remind you who we share this planet with and that this is a place we need to do our part to save. Her photography showcases her journeys and adventures around the world capturing the true colors of the earth.

Her gallery and boutique have been her dream project. A place where local artist can share their love of the ocean and the beautiful islands of Hawai’i they call home.

Come visit us at Waimea Blue Gallery and bring the Ocean into your life.

Akima Kai Artgraphy: Photography and Wood art availability are also at

Looking for something fun to do during your stay on Oahu? Check out Akima's tour company Hawaii Real Nature Tours. Offering custom private island and snorkel tours.


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