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Resin Art Workshops

in Oahu, Hawaii

Hosted by Akima Kai Artgraphy

Why take resin classes?


You can try researching it on your own but trust me, this workshop will save you lots of time and money!

Why with us?

Private lessons give personal attention and lots of opportunities to ask questions.
The instructor is a real artist that is successfully selling her resin art in Haleiwa and Waikiki art galleries.

Who are resin classes for?

The question should be, why not take a resin class?! Have fun, enjoy being creative and let your
inner artist wake up! No previous art experience necessary!

What do you need?

We provide all the supplies and equipment you need so that you get to try making resin art
without any big investments!

*All classes are private. Private classes are an excellent way for students
to get personal, customized instruction.



About 60 minutes

Kids are welcome. (Ages 13 and up but please ask if under 12 years old!)

-Just have fun to make your own Ocean art with epoxy resin!

Make one resin art on 12" x 12" wood panel.

$250 for one person or

$150 per person


Basic II

Doesn't have to take a basic class to take a basic II class.

About 90 minutes to 2 hours
Great for those of you wanting to start making your own resin art at home.

-How to handle and use epoxy resin
-Bonus tips from the artist 

-Make Two resin art on 12" x 12" wood panel and one 4" x 12" wood Panel.

$300 for one person or

$250 per person



Please contact our resin artist

Akima Kai directly

From $500

Ready to book a class or have any questions?
Please contact our resin artist directly.
Akima Kai

Who is your instructor?

Akima Kai

She is the owner of Waimea Blue Gallery, 20 years of an underwater photographer and she started making own Ocean with local reclaimed wood and epoxy resin.

She was asked by a lot of customers why don't you do workshop of epoxy resin? so here she is.

She will give you tip and advice how to create own your Ocean with her experience not only resin art experience, she has been seeing tons of Ocean color and beaches as an underwater photographer. Yup she is a perfect person to learn how to make blue Ocean art! 


Located in North Shore Marketplace

Address: 66-250 Kamehameha Hwy D103 Haleiwa HI 96712

Phone: +1 (808) 498-2218



Store Hours


10:30 am to 5:30 pm ish


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