Basic Resin Workshops

Hosted by Akima Kai Artgraphy

Private Resin Basic-Workshop
For one person: $250
Two or more people: $150/pp

About 60 minutes

What is the difference between basic class and basic II class?

The basic workshop is 30 minutes less than basic II workshop.

The ​basic workshop is for those of you who want to have experience and simply having fun. Not sure if you want to try it at your home yet. It is perfect for family fun too.


The basic II workshop for those of you who wants to learn how to make your own art. Instructor will explain what tool, epoxy resin and other equipment you should buy. Tips for not waste your epoxy and time on your first project.

What includes

  • A few wood plactice borads

  • 1 of 12"x12" wooden panel

  • Epoxy resin Pouring Material

  • Lots of colors to choose from and create mixes for your artwork

  • Use of heat gun and gloves

Recommendations for clothes to wear and what to bring

  • Wear old clothes which you can mess with. You do not need to look pretty to join our workshop :)

  • Long hair? Tie your hair.

  • An apron, if you have an apron that you don't need, please bring it.

  • Epoxy resin curing time is more than 48 hours if you are not able to come back within a week or two to pick up your art work please bring $10 extra cash for shipping fee.

Who is your instructor?

Akima Kai is a professional underwater photographer always have a passion for the Ocean. During a lockdown in 2020, she was thinking how about making my own Ocean? That's how she started and her resin art piece is doing very well at Waimea Blue Gallery in Haleiwa and Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki.

She has been asking by a few people if she has a workshop. Here she is, she decided to share her valuable experience.


​You may see what I am making with epoxy resin art and my photography here.

If you have any question about this workshop please Email me

Akima Kai


The workshop will be hosted near Waimea bay,

North Shore Oahu.

Where is the workshop place?

  • Near Waimea Bay, North Shore Oahu.