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Polynesian tribal design pendant: Silver 925


-The fish hook
A symbol is said to represent prosperity and safe travel over water. The Hawaiian fish hook necklace is commonly known as Makau. As its design suggests, symbolizes a connection between the wearer and the ocean. Energy, strength, prosperity, abundance, and good luck.
Since the ancient Polynesian livelihood was very much dependent on the ocean waters, so the fish hook necklace signifies a deep respect and love towards the oceans. It's a clever design because it incorporates both the fish and fish hook motif into one design. Traditionally Polynesian were very reliant on the bounty they caught from the sea to survive. It constituted a large amount of their daily food needs and with it Maori flourished as a people. Maori had a very strong connection to Tangaroa (Kanaloa in Hawaiian), god of the sea and attributed this abundance to him.


-The twist
It's said to represent the path of life and symbolize the strong bond between two loved ones. It’s a powerful expression of loyalty because the arms of the twist have no end point, just like lifelong relationships.


-The Shark tooth
Shark teeth have long been recognized as a symbol of protection. The ancient Hawaiians wore shark tooth jewelry to keep any sea dangers at bay. This is based a myth of a young Hawaiian warrior who emerged from a battle with a sea god, victorious, and wearing a shark tooth necklace. Ever since, it’s believed that these teeth prevent shark attacks or protection from evil of the seas.
Hawaiian culture views the shark as not only a potential predator but also that some sharks are the embodiment of gods, family deities, and ancestors called 'Aumakua. The wearing of a shark's tooth on a necklace is not only felt to provde protection, but also a way of honoring this important member of the sea.

Polynesian Tribal Design Pendant: Silver 925

  • Pendants are sterling silver 925, Necklace chains are stainless steel.

    Small Fish Hook: 1.65"x0.75" (4cmx2cm), Necklace chain: Width 2mm, 22 inches long

    Twist:1.5"x1.1" (4cmx2.8cm), Necklace chain: Width 3mm, 22 inches long

    Large fish hook: 2.16"x0.95" (5.5cmx2.7cm), Necklace chain: Width 4mm, 24 inches (61cm)

    Shark tooth: 1.55”x1.10”(3.8cmx2.8cm), Necklace chain: Width 3mm, 22 inches (56cm)


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