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Reef safe, skin safe, organic sunscreen handmade in North Shore Oahu.
Akima Kai the underwater photo artist, seriously considers the Ocean and our skin.

She was looking for non-chemical sunscreen but didn't find her favorite one so she tried to make natural sunscreen her own and finally she satisfied. It's better than any sunscreen she ever used. 

This sunscreen is not for only protect your skin, it will not damage our Ocean.

Did you know you should protect UV even you are in the house?

♥Our natural sunscreen is almost the same ingredients as a moisturizer. It is very good for everyday use after wash your face in the morning.

Reef Safe Natural Sunscreen (for your skin & our Ocean)

    • Organic ingredients
    • Vegan
    • Non-nano zinc
    • No animal testing
    • SPF 35+
    • Water resistant
    • No use of plastic
    • Hand made in North Shore Oahu


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