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"Waimea (sacred water) Blue"  Waimeaw Valley Koa, APR 2021


This is a one of a kind, handcrafted piece of original art made from the Hawaiian sacred valley grown Koa and epoxy resin. Please read our blog for this special art.


The hanging hardware is NOT included. We recommend using the heavy-duty surfboard rack or heavy-duty J-hook.


This koa wood grew in the Hawaiian sacred Waimea valley. It is rarely available.

Polynesian voyagers ventured the Pacific Ocean and arrived in Hawai‘i as early as 400 AD.  The large double-hulled canoes carried many plants needed for survival along with pua‘a (pigs), ‘ilio (dogs) and moa (chickens) which were raised as a food source.  Over the next several hundred years additional voyagers landed in Hawai‘i.  As early as 1092 AD, Waimea was chosen on the island of O‘ahu to be awarded to the Kahuna Nui (High Priests) in perpetuity due to its lush valleys, abundant resources, free-flowing streams and geographic location. Throughout Hawai‘i, Kahuna Nui were considered experts in their field of study. Whether the Kahuna was an expert prophet, healer, or fisherman, the role they played was of great importance to both the chiefly and common classes of Hawaiians. Throughout history Waimea Valley has been home to many people of the Kahuna class, thus being recognized as, “The Valley of the Priests.”


After Kamehameha the Great conquered O‘ahu in 1795, he recognized the importance and value of Waimea Valley and awarded it to his most trusted spiritual advisor, Hewahewa Nui.



Koa is It is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.

All of the Koa wood is ethically sourced, needs a permit from the state of Hawaii to cut Koa trees to protect the species. This is especially important given the rarity of the tree, and it's high demand. The beautiful grain that the wood produces doesn't appear until much later in the tree's lifecycle, and if harvested too young, some of the natural beauty is lost.


Koa in Hawaiian language means brave, bold, fearless, or warrior.


Each art is signed by the artist.

Made in and inspired by the surfing capital of the world. North Shore, Haleiwa, Hawaii.


More collections of Akima Kai's wood work please visit


The color of the print may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings.

5'6" Waimea Valley Koa

  • Approx. 5'6" L, 20" W, 1.2" thickness


    We do not accept exchanges or returns on any Original Art. However, we will gladly accept cancellations on any Original Art purchases within 24 hours of purchase.


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